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Here is an alternative media for you to have your product reviewed. Hire a comedy writer in person! Learn more about my blogs at the left sidebar for your inspiration. Good news is
You decide to pay or not pay me

How To

How I can help you
No sign up, no sign in, no additional money as there’s no third party you have to pay extra money for. You deal with the blogger in person.

Only $15 per post. You pay only if you like it.

How it works

1. Please explore and learn one by one of my blogs which might interest you here at the left sidebar.
2. Choose your keyword related to your target audience
3. Decide your article topic, anchor text and reciprocal link
4. Fill in the submission form
5. Send it to me
6. I will write it for you
7. Once you agree with the publication, you send payment to my Paypal after I send you an invoice
8. If you decide not to pay me it’s okay, I might keep it there, remove the link to your site, reedit it, spoof it or offer the edited article to another company to put their link there.

Guarantee! Your link will remain there the whole life as this not only boosts my credibility and rank my blogs but build people’s trust as well. It’s fun and easy, right?


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