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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Disney World Recommended For You? New Orlando Townhomes

Another Disney World Recommended For You?: My recent trip with the kids to Disney World was just great. But we didn't explore five golf courses there as I had expected. Kids were.too tired.

When it comes to comparison, I am not sure which one is better between what we saw there in Disney World with this new Orlando townhomes Have you heard of it? This one located in Lake Mary, which was rated #4 on Money Magazines Best Places to Live, Grande Oaks is conveniently located by Colonial TownPark shopping center.

Just as what they think, I believe beautiful and thriving Lake Mary is quickly becoming an area of high interest in the Orlando real estate market. Perhaps I should discuss it with my family when to move to Grande Oaks at Heathrow. But sorry, far from that--I'm busy collecting small pennies to make a living now as a blogger.


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