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Monday, November 4, 2013

4 Spoof Blogs Recommended For Product Review

These 4 spoof blogs of mine are recommended for you to have your product reviewed. Learn one by one if you feel interested in using my service.

1. Entertainment Is Weird.
One of the contents with specific organic keywords: Do It Yourself Divorce In California is a spoof article leading to another blog of mine about hiring me as a whiteboard animation artist beside writing product review. You want to use my service too? be my guess.
2. No Jokes Today?
Joke or no-joke article blend to make a unique blog. Why is it recommended for product review. That's an easy answer. You bet, people like joke. But on the other hand, people should not be distracted from their destination. So the point is, there's a serious topic to be written there but wrapped up in a humorous form.

3. Once Upon A Time
What a common title! So many blogs and sites using this one, including mine. A spoof blog, funny stories of everything, including public figures, politicians, sportsmen and so on. Having your product reviewed here is a worth try.

4. Britney Without Spears
From the title, you can see it's a unique theme inspired by a famous name whose not a girl not yet a woman. More than spoof you can have here to promote your product. Brands, images cling to this famous celebrities.


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