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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Read This Before You Decide To Make A Living As A Writer ...

Read This Before You Decide To Make A Living As A Writer...: What do you know about writing? When I was at high school, I hated short stories or novels. I thought only women having an extreme hobby of reading.But ...

But now, in my middle age,162 centimeters tall of height, skinny and humorously "charismatic", I am proud of being myself, being the one to get paid to write anything I like. I think it's just transferring what you have in mind into script and not necessarily you should be an actor, but more than that, you're the director yourself. Maybe you never thought you could get paid writing from the comfort of your house. I had questioned this the first time I knew the Internet, and you might have it too..

No jokes today, if you are into writing and before You Decide To Make A Living As A Writer you'better check out the link I provided for you above in order to change your future into a better one. I hope.

Another Disney World Recommended For You? New Orlando Townhomes

Another Disney World Recommended For You?: My recent trip with the kids to Disney World was just great. But we didn't explore five golf courses there as I had expected. Kids were.too tired.

When it comes to comparison, I am not sure which one is better between what we saw there in Disney World with this new Orlando townhomes Have you heard of it? This one located in Lake Mary, which was rated #4 on Money Magazines Best Places to Live, Grande Oaks is conveniently located by Colonial TownPark shopping center.

Just as what they think, I believe beautiful and thriving Lake Mary is quickly becoming an area of high interest in the Orlando real estate market. Perhaps I should discuss it with my family when to move to Grande Oaks at Heathrow. But sorry, far from that--I'm busy collecting small pennies to make a living now as a blogger.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

One Of Tiger Woods Jokes Fails Here! ~ Entertainment is Weird

Something might be inspiring for you to have your product reviewed in spoof like this one: One Of Tiger Woods Jokes Fails Here! Tiger Woods Jokes are scattered on the Internet, and many of them are spoofed on Youtube and on blogs. As he is famous as golfer, no doubt, people will also want to know more and more of different gossips of his. The one you might be familiar with is a parody of him and Lindsey Vonn.

Especially if we are not familiar with golf or don't really know about how to play it, jokes about Tiger Woods are such an entertaining bliss. That is applied to sport only, not to him as person, so this is just not enough. It's usually about personal dummies people would like to know about from celebrities, including sportsmen, isn't it?

Fail Tiger Woods joke? Not the point; it should be fail to succeed when you have something different in mind.

Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy: No Joke, Send Your Kids To Summer Camp!

From my blog Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy: No Joke, Send Your Kids To Summer Camp!: Send your kids to summer camp! Especially if you would like to follow Will Smith and Jada Pinkett who have been living separate lives, and...

This one is example of product/website review written in a unique content. I'll quote the last paragraph here: So, why sending them summer camp? Of course, it's not because you hate them clinging to your business all the time, it's because you want them to be able to boost self esteem, develop independence skills, develop interests, know the meaning of diversity and so on. And that's what you are now.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No Jokes Today?

Have your product reviewed on No Jokes Today. This spoof blog is not about practical joke only or the one  has no essence but only to make people laugh. More than that. It tells about anything most people search on the Internet. Just learn, browse and make survey. Hope you get inspiration as you get there. 

No Jokes Today?
Visit the blog

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Why People Buy Links

Logic is simple.

More backlinks —–>>> your website/page is nearer to the top of search results —–>>> more people visiting your website —–>>> more earnings for you

Monday, November 4, 2013

4 Spoof Blogs Recommended For Product Review

These 4 spoof blogs of mine are recommended for you to have your product reviewed. Learn one by one if you feel interested in using my service.

1. Entertainment Is Weird.
One of the contents with specific organic keywords: Do It Yourself Divorce In California is a spoof article leading to another blog of mine about hiring me as a whiteboard animation artist beside writing product review. You want to use my service too? be my guess.
2. No Jokes Today?
Joke or no-joke article blend to make a unique blog. Why is it recommended for product review. That's an easy answer. You bet, people like joke. But on the other hand, people should not be distracted from their destination. So the point is, there's a serious topic to be written there but wrapped up in a humorous form.

3. Once Upon A Time
What a common title! So many blogs and sites using this one, including mine. A spoof blog, funny stories of everything, including public figures, politicians, sportsmen and so on. Having your product reviewed here is a worth try.

4. Britney Without Spears
From the title, you can see it's a unique theme inspired by a famous name whose not a girl not yet a woman. More than spoof you can have here to promote your product. Brands, images cling to this famous celebrities.